10 For 10

10 For 10 is our soul project.

We have made donations in the past, probably like yourself, to financially support at least some of those hard life situations that means children or adults in suffering, with too little hope for better. I contributed sporadically, as a legal person or personally, as I heard in one way or another of people who needed help.

This year, hopefully, we found a much more impactful way to do good: to donate structured, 10% of Optim Agro’s profit to 10 associations in whose mission we believe.

Because you are our partner, we want to share this joy with you and we thought it would be an even greater joy if you could choose the association to which 10% of the Optim Agro’s profit related to the collaboration between us will go.

In this way we can spread the joy of doing good by doing good TOGETHER.

Laura Dosoftei, Founder of Optim Agro

How it works?

After the execution of a collaboration contract, you will receive an email from us with a link to this page, so you can choose the organization to which 10% of Optim Agro’s profit related to the collaboration between us will go.
If you arrived here before the execution of the contract, you can already make the selection of the association (directly from this page) and it will be registered in our system for the moment of ending the contract.

Choose the association:

poza copii din banner

Please be so kind to fill in your company data so we know this is your choice .

If you feel to also individually support these wonderfull associations, you can do so by directly clicking the above links to their websites or by writing to us at daria@optimagrototal.ro so we can put you in direct contact with them.

Disclaimer : All the associations listed above consented to receive donations from us and all the data related to the associations have been confirmed by them. The allocation of funds to one or another social case or cause is strictly decided by each association as per their internal rules. We won't ask the associations to justify the way they allocate our donations. In the unlikely case of exceptional situatons, outside the will of Optim Agro, like for example tehnical difficulties, system errors it might occour that your choice will not be registered or cannot be proccesed in due time for birocratical or logistic reasons. In this case the sums will be directed to the associations depending on their necessities at the time.

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