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Better Sustainable Profits In Organic​



We are fair in everything we do and we always tell the truth


We are constantly surpassing our limits, learning and improving continuously as to offer as much value as possible through our services


We are actively searching for new ways of being better, more useful and increasing the organic sector


To us every partner is a very important one. We believe that everyone has an essential role without which a healthier life for all couldn’t be built. We respect the work and added value we interact with


We take personal responsibility for everything we do, being aware that even the smallest thing can be of essential importance

Enthusiasm and Joy

We have a positive attitude, solution oriented and we see the opportunity in every difficulty. Life without smile is blunt, so we rejoice every day and we remember to celebrate


We are offering sound and reliable services every time, building long-term prosperity


We are a community in which each of us feels valued by the others. We are glad to give and to receive support from the ones around us, understanding that we are first individuals and then professionals. We stand by our partners through thick and thin


We want our employees to reach balance between personal and professional life. We provide free time and self development moments to cultivate passions

Social Responsibility

We contribute as much as we can to diminish the challenges of the less fortunate. We are dedicated to helping the ones who can’t help themselves

Long term profits


Our Mission


We’re driving the increase of the organic sector in the world so future generations can benefit from a healthier life , while helping the stakeholders in organic get better sustainable and long-term profits.

About us

Brokers in organic agriculture since 2014, we help buyers interested in organic raw materials or organic primary processed products get in direct contact with Romanian producers, ensuring full traceability of the goods and a highly transparent supply chain.

    We provide support throughout the contracting process and ensure that all parties involved have the resources necessary to carry out intra-Community transactions or export in good conditions. All the contracts for the sale and delivery of the goods are made directly between producers and buyers, with us being necessary to sign only a brokerage contract .

      Our main goal is to have a positive impact in the organic sector for all stakeholders: manufacturers, traders, processors and end customers, society, environment, so we are interested in long-term partnerships for contract-based production of cereals, oilseeds, technical plants, aromatic plants, vegetables or fruits. 

Laura Dosoftei

Products we buy

Organic raw materials supply

-Cereals, oilseeds, technical plants, aromatic and medicinal plants
-Fruits and nuts

Organic primary processed products


Organic inputs supply

-Seed treatments
-Growth stimulators


1 %
True Organic Products
Partnerships with processors
Tones requested in 2019
Processors requests - big crops
1 %
Recurrent farmers collaborations



Optim Agro is solution-oriented and reliable. They are only satisfied when all participants are satisfied. They stand for high-quality products with honest agreements. We're really happy to be working with them.

Austrian Trader of Cereals and Oil Crops, 3 years cooperation with Optim Agro


We highly recommend Optim Agro for their promptitude and opportunity to buy quality goods at real market price. We're happy that though them we have access to multiple suppliers at one. We'll definitely keep working with them for the long-run.

German Processor of Oil Seeds, 2 years cooperation with Optim Agro

The Team

We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team with a passion for nature sustainability and a firm belief in our mission to develop the organic sector.


+40 721 262 022
Bucharest, Romania


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